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This flash video was predicted if Sephiroth was confirmed to be playable in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate after 16 years ago.

I hope to make a remastered version with Pit and Palutena's voice clips from Super Smash Bros. series soon.

OK, this flash predicted to Super Smash Bros. future installments.

I know the times of the 2000 decade hasn't ripped N64 Games SFX yet, 11 years before this program release, because, I just wanted Diddy's voice clips from DK64, but nope....

Diddy was screeching like a real monkey, and this flash was predicted for Brawl. And Diddy Kong was still screeching like a real monkey in the Super Smash Bros. series.

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I remembered this game on my childhood, because, i didn't know what is a Video Game console emulator, and my parents didn't allows me to download a N64 emulator and neither download some N64 Games, because, I was a dumbass when I was a child. Bun now in my Adulthood life, I know what is a video game console emulator. SM63 is a SM64 in flash version for poor people who didn't bought a N64 or downloaded a N64 emulator.

i registred in this game, but this money is false, only make a parody hehe

OMG, Girls in nudity, i don't like this game

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This is epic!

taishade responds:

late aff for the response but thank you

Imagine this new remix is in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate/Super Smash Bros. 6

This is useful for the Smash Ultimate mods. Great job!

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Should be better if she wears a bikini, instead to one piece swimsuit...

Why she looks like Female Byleth from Fire Emblem: Three Houses?

Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls, is that you?

Hi everyone, my name is Tristan, I am boy, I have over 16 years old, and I speak Spanish and English. I'm a fan of anime and manga, because, I love Japanese culture such like cosplay, food, traditional activities, video games, and more.

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