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Entry #1

Anime Shorts Collab

2014-10-30 15:58:03 by TheFoxandYoshi


Is my first newgrounds flash collab, so, i use Macromedia Flash 8 to make animations.



*No Hentai (Nudity, Adult Themes, Sexual Themes)
*No lolicon
*Explicit Audio & Text are Allowed
*Ecchi are allowed
*Only movies has 2 minutes or maximium minutes if you want
*No 3D Animations or Sprite Animation
*Gore are allowed
*No Spanish language, French, Italian, etc. (Only English and Japanase audio are allowed)
*No Cartoons
*Videogames are allowed
*Framerate is 30
*Flash resolution is 800x600 or 1024x768
*No walfas
*Chibi are allowed
*People number is 6 or 7, no max limit
*Short must be high quality
*Your name or logo on the bottom

If you want to submit a short, Please send a private message.



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